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Connect & Empower entertainers

ChorusX is a platform that will help entertainers and affiliated parties succeed by providing resources and services without hourly costs as well as a marketplace and GPS map to connect people and find resources. Entertainers create a smart contract and produce NFT content with automatic profit distribution.

Entertainers and affiliated parties such as musicians, instrument builders, music stores, stand up comedians, magicians, movie and television producers, technical support will be enabled to connect to each other and to their audience and monitize their work.
CX1, The Entertainment Token

What is life without entertainment?

Connect & empower entertainers and affiliated parties by providing resources & services without hourly costs.

Entertainers are in desperate need of resources.

There are currently no resource providers in the entertainment industry that don't charge per hour and bet on the future on the creatives without exploiting them.

There is nothing between the amateur at home without resources, distribution network or marketing knowledge and the select few that get a record contract, the result is that the amateur need to save money for a long time to make small advances in their creative ambitions.

ChorusX will provide all the tools that entertainers need without hourly costs.

This will provide them with everything they need to focus on their creativity without being limited by their financial situation. We bet on creatives long term by becoming a 30% owner in their work so we win when they win. We will actively market their work product and help them connect to their audience.

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