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View CX1 markets here :

Buy CX1 in a legal private sale

CX1 price may be higher or lower than on the DEX but you support ChorusX (we don`t get XRP from peoples DEX trades).

Not available to US-residents until we get regulatory clarity.
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Buy CX1 on The XRPtoolkit DEX

You have to type CX1 to see it and possibly put the genesis wallet address : rKk7mu1dNB25fsPEJ4quoQd5B8QmaxewKi
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Buy CX1 on Sologenic DEX

- Go to
- Access DEX
- Base
- Issuer
- Other
- Add This Address rKk7mu1dNB25fsPEJ4quoQd5B8QmaxewKi
- Click The Search Icon
- Currency: CX1
- Confirm
- Select Counter
Access Sologenic Here

Buy CX1

There are a few ways to purchase our token CX1, Find the right method for you below.