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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ChorusX?

ChorusX is a legal company registered in The Netherlands under the company number KVK 72749571.

When was the ChorusX company registered?

The ChorusX company was registered on 1-10-2018.

Who are entertainers and affiliated parties?

Musicians, instrument builders, music stores, sound engineers, theater, performing arts, magicians, graphic designers, stand up. Members must be directly affiliated with entertainment.

What is ChorusX token?

ChorusX token is a hybrid digital asset, 50% cryptocurrency and 50% utility token. This token is on the XRP ledger.

What is CX1?

CX1 is the ticker of the ChorusX token, this simply means the abbreviation

What is the XRP ledger?

The XRP ledger is a system that can transfer digital assets like XRP and CX1 in 4 seconds with a very low transaction fee ($0.0002).

What is XRP?

XRP is a decentralised digital asset.

Does CX1 have the same transaction speed and fee as XRP?

CX1 has the same fast transaction speed and very low fee as XRP.

How many ChorusX (CX1) tokens are made?

There are 25 billion ChorusX (CX1) tokens .

Is there a max supply of ChorusX (CX1)?

The max supply of ChorusX tokens (CX1) is 25 billion and no more can be made because the genesis account is blackholed.

What is the legal private sale of ChorusX (CX1)?

The legal private sale of ChorusX tokens (CX1) is a sale between ChorusX and an interested party that happens through a form that is a legal contract.

Please fill out this google form and follow the steps to participate :

When will i receive my ChorusX (CX1) tokens if I participate in the legal private sale?

You will receive your ChorusX (CX1) tokens within a maximum of 24 hours, but within 10 minutes if we are behind the PC and not sleeping.

What is the ChorusX app?

The ChorusX app will Connect & empower musicians, instrument builders and music stores by providing resources and services without hourly costs.

Is the ChorusX app free?

The basic version of the ChorusX app is free but unlimited functionality costs $10 per month.

Will there be ads in the ChorusX app?

The ChorusX app will only have voluntary ads, this means that will be a black box on an artists profile that says “If you click here to watch an ad this artist gets $X.”. This will be a way of supporting the artist without being forced to watch ads, we don`t believe in such practices.

What are ChorusX buildings?

ChorusX buildings will have recording studios, band rehearsal spaces, stages, media editing PC`s, green screen studio, musical instrument fabrication spaces that members can use without hourly costs in exchange for 30% intellectual property and profits in perpetuity of the work products of those spaces.

Why should I (a musician) become a member of ChorusX?

ChorusX members get 70% of the revenue and intellectual property of their workproducts, normally an artist would get around 10% at a record label and the label would own 100% of the masters. ChorusX members also get acces to creative spaces without hourly costs, a label will loan you studio time and you must pay it back from your 10%, this means the label made $5M and now you are only out of your $500k debt. ChorusX believes creatives deserve resources without hourly costs or debt.

Why should I (an instrument builder) become a member of ChorusX?

Instrument builders that become a ChorusX member can use high quality professional machines in a state of the art workshop without having to first invest in those machines, now they can reach the same quality level as an A brand. They get 70% of the profit of their instruments and they can even use parts and materials without paying for them first (this will be deducted when they sell the instrument).

Is there a business plan / whitepaper for the ChorusX venture?

What is Klijnsmit Guitars?

Klijnsmit Guitars is the guitar building branch of the ChorusX venture but legally the same company as ChorusX.

What is Guitar Builders Community?

Guitar Builders Community is our Facebook group with 23.4K members.